Monday, May 20, 2002

When the scandal in Boston first cropped up, I was really embarrassed. I love bragging about my Church. I think Catholic is the only sane way to live in the world. It’s a peace and a joy that just bubbles over into laughter and prayer.

I'm not disrespectful of other religions, I simply think that Catholic is better. Obviously, my non-Catholic friends disagree (or they too would be Catholic) but we respect each other's positions so its all good. Still I would love to see every one embrace the Church.

For me, initially, the current crisis seemed an impediment to broadcasting my pride in (and my love of) the Church. I didn't know how to address the issue in my own mind, let alone in conversations with non-Catholics. I prayed and then I wrote what I had learned through prayer.

This was my (almost) initial and certainly prayerful reaction to the scandal:Thoughts on Solidarity - (now in sidebar)


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