Wednesday, June 05, 2002

I know that it's late in the game, but the following two posts on the Conference in Dallas are worthy of consideration.

The first may fall under the category of 'bless those that persecute you' but I think that there is a good deal of sense in the remarks
An openness to criticism and a genuine engagement in dialogue, however painful, is always a good, and very Catholic, beginning. When combined with a love of the church, nuanced discernment and solid judgement among competing claims, it's unbeatable.

I would hope that the Bishops will invite Fr. Thomas Doyle to address the conference.
And afterwards, that they might appoint him to be their national spokesman.
Of all the people I have seen on TV he is the one who seems to come across with a lot of sense and comprehension of the problem and with the greatest "presence."

I know that there is some 'history' here, but often the Church's greatest critics have become Her most fervent supporters.
The expressed wish shows the constant hope of the Church.


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