Wednesday, July 17, 2002

Since my posting on Maria Goretti, I have not been "working and playing well with others". I owe particular apologies to Father Bryce Sibley since I distorted his position and then rather viciously attacked the straw dog that I had created. By now, if nothing else is clear, it should be obvious that one reason I am so adamant in defense of the Church of Sinners is because of my own fallen nature. Hopefully, everyone who visits here reads A Saintly Salmagundi and knew right away how inaccurate my portrayal of Father Sibley's position actually was. I'm sorry.

Gerard Serafin has a fabulous posting at A Catholic Blog for Lovers. Since I'm not sure how well the Blogger links are working lately: It was posted Wednesday, July 17, 2002 and appears under the heading A Glorious Anniversary (Yes, I know that you visit there first, but I thought it deserved a mention just the same)

I also saw a great link at Ad Orientem to the following article on what could be a lovely change in the Liturgy. -- [Re]Turn to the East?


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