Friday, October 18, 2002

Notes from all over --

There is a beautiful article Called To... on the nature of our calling as Catholics. It's by Ono Ekeh over at Ono's Thoughts. I intend to refer to it as I develop my thoughts on our lay calling and the question of wealth. I'll be linking to it again later in one of my posts but (since I'm long winded,and I'm afraid you might skip over it) today I'm giving it pride of place.

Matt Collins over at Trust the Truth has an exposé of Opus Dei. It's really worth checking out.

I don't know how I missed it since I visit his site daily but Seminarian Todd Reitmeyer has a beautiful posting on The Altar of the Lie

I also liked the insight on the rosary that Karl Schudt from Summa Contra Mundum offers in his piece I was never a big fan of the Rosary


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