Monday, January 20, 2003

For years now, I've found the movie "Sophie's Choice" to be a valuable argument in discussions on abortion. In the story, Sophie is forced to choose between her children. If she exercises a choice, one child will live and one will die. If she doesn't choose, both will die. Sophie chooses. She then must live with the consequences of her impossible choice. Eventually guilt destroys her.

This movie plays out in such a way that the nature of Sophie's choice is initially hidden. One sees the consequences before one knows the cause. The tension builds as the viewer wonders what possible horror could underlie the 'survivor guilt' that has created such havoc in Sophie's life and relationships. By the time the secret is revealed, the full cruelty of her dilemma has presented itself.

This story is built on a recognition that there are choices which no human being should be required to make. It is the acknowledgement that choice itself can become an inescapable attrocity. The consideration of abortion is one such choice. It should be taken off the table. To do otherwise is to engage in the torturous mindgames of the Third Reich.


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