Tuesday, July 08, 2003

It's been a while since I updated this blog. Perhaps the thing I liked best about blogging was that it gave me an opportunity to explore the mundane implications of my Catholicism. Often in following a particular train of thought I would find myself at some unanticipated point. I would reach a conclusion that would alter my living of the Faith. A good example would my exploration of the friend vs. family models for parish participation. As a result of that (and special thanks to my readers), I am now convinced that I have an obligation to my territorially designated parish. I have come to understand that I have no more authority to selectively abandon my parish than to choose alternative parents. Another life changing realization was the recognition that my obligations to charity and my obligations to church support were fundamentally different. This growth in understanding the rudiments of my own commitment was incredibly rewarding.

At the same time, in blogging, I felt constrained to limit my exploration to the everyday shared assumptions of the faith. I didn't want to present my private interpretation of Catholicism as an element of our 'living memory'. Instead it was my intention to present a view of our faith tradition that cradle Catholics would instantly recognize as a part of our lived tradition. I know that I only skimmed the surface of this tradition but, to the extent that I did write, I hope that I was faithful to my intention.

Over time, however, I found my thinking and, perhaps more significantly, my life was leading me to explore the implications of my faith in areas that necessarily involve a large degree of prudential judgment. I found that I could continue with my original intention or I could follow a more private exploration. I ended up following the more personal option.

Frequently, in the last few months, I have wanted to return to blogging. What stayed my keyboard was the recognition that my inquiries went beyond the initial and stated purpose of my blog which was "... reflecting 'the living memory' of the Catholic Church". My own journey is taking me in other directions.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I've returned to blogging. And at least for the interim, I'm changing my emphasis to "... living in the Catholic moment."


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