Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Out and About:

Justin Katz has an interesting post on transhumanism

Whose in Charge Here: State vs Parental Rights

Scottish Gospel Music?

A bishop who doesn't know the meaning of priest

And while we're on the topic of bishops:

I have to admit that I find this rather odd. The charism of a bishop is to govern the local church to the best of his ability for the glory of God. One portion of that responsibility is determining the methodology of governance most compatible with his individual talents and the needs of his people. Some bishops might rule with an iron fist, some may indeed go up to the mountain, and some may go out among the people. Some may listen only to one side of a debate and others may be more even-handed. Hopefully all bishops serve prayerfully but even that isn't guarenteed.Within the guidelines of canon law, the responsibility for governing - and for determining how best to govern - rests with the Bishop. As does the authority. I guess I just fail to see the problem here.

There's an excellent posting on Political Theory and Catholicism over at SecretAgent's Dossier

More on Church and State:
While it's legitimate to wonder whether or not nations should discriminate on the basis of religion, it does seem to me that what's good for the goose should be good for the gander

Also from the Dossier:
Reflections on Backwoods Justice


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