Thursday, September 21, 2006

We Hold the High Ground

"Pope John Paul II was fond of telling the Christian faithful 'Be not afraid' particularly as he wrote in his encyclical 'Splendor of Truth.' He preached about the dignity of human life, human rights, and freedom. He preached about moral courage and standing up for values. He preached accountability. And John Paul II lived that moral courage and held others accountable as he faced totalitarianism and communism.

Pope Benedict has spoken recently of reciprocity in Christian-Muslim relations - which has been refreshing to hear. His speech last week was also refreshing to hear. Muslims seem not to have the slightest concern these days of provoking the West - Christians or Jews. And our perceived fear of them emboldens them. Now is the time for courage, now is the time to stand up for right values, and now is the time for some accountability. Our response to the recent church burnings and the murder of a nun should be 'this is exactly what we are talking about when we preach against Muslim violence.' We preach 'be not afraid.' Now is the time to 'be not afraid' and to speak strongly with the courage of our convictions."

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