Saturday, October 20, 2007

Cardinal Praises Muslims for "Eloquent" Letter

"Each party must be concerned with its own spiritual identity. We ourselves have, as Christians, to manifest that Jesus Christ reveals God in a complete and definitive manner."

Regarding dialogue with other religions, Cardinal Taruan said: "The discourses of the Pope are very clear. He said, in Cologne: 'Dialogue with Islam it not an option, but a vital necessity upon which depends our future.' Furthermore, a text like 'Dominus Iesus' puts the parameters to avoid religious syncretism.

"We must not put our flag in our pocket, and we should clearly show in whom we believe. Also, when we look at the teachings of the Pope, the themes of reflection with the non-Christian religions emerge: the sacred character of life; to cultivate the fundamental values, for example, the family, the place of religion in education."

Holy See Defends Right to Convert


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