Thursday, February 12, 2009

Recovering the past
In fact, he said, one of the questions that most concerns the prelates is that despite the fall of communism, "its structure has remained in legislation and in judicial power, in the economy, in education and in culture," and especially "in the veil of silence that has been hung over the events of the recent past."
He continued: "The 'sons of lies' have gathered the pieces of the Curtain and with them, they hide and cast a fog over the truth of the facts, regarding the individuals as well as certain institutions. Some, with the remains of the Curtain, sow the seed of division and confusion."

The truth, Cardinal Bozinac said, "is that the Curtain has fallen, that the system has broken, but that the pieces are very resistant and show themselves by promoting the same falsehoods not only through politics and the relationship with the past, but also with education, science, and teaching."


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