Monday, May 20, 2002

I do not really have a well formulated or firmly held opinion about the Catholic scandal. Instead, I have a mass of doubts and questions and uncertainties. I take small bites out of the 'mystery of evil'. I gnaw at it first from one direction and then later from a quite different position. I worry it like a dog with an old bone. I drop it and then I return to it again and again. I am not yet ready to bury this old bone.

It occurs to me that the attention of Catholics and the general public has been effectively diverted from the real issue and the real sin. There has been a determined effort to divert us but I think we are eager for diversion. Suddenly, this crisis is no longer about disordered sexuality and the consequences of our shared disorder. Instead, it appears to be about the mismanagement of human resources. Actually, it has become an attack on the structure of the Church. …[More on this later.]


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