Wednesday, May 22, 2002

My all-time favorite movie (at least today) is a Man for All Seasons. It's so quotable. Take for instance, the opening scene. Thomas More has guests in his home and they're all engaged in some idle bantering. In one quick exchange, More (the author of Utopia) is teased that "in Utopia, all priests are holy." And some one else laughingly chimes in "And therefore very few". Priests are men of God. Both the frailty of our humanity and the grace of divinity are operative.

I read somewhere that ...a war over religion is no different than two men fighting over who has the best imaginary friend.... I'm not sure why but I find this idea charmingly irreverent. I guess, more often than not, I am 'guilty as charged,' I need constant reminding that God isn't made in my image and likeness


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