Wednesday, June 19, 2002

JACK over at Integrity is doing a terrific job exploring the role of the laity in the life of the Church. After my posting on 'Pray, Pay and Obey', I've been meaning to follow up with something on the post-Vatican vision of the laity. Fortunately, for me and for any one who reads my blog, JACK is doing a much better job than I could. So I'm sending you over there.

Just a note before you leave -

To encourage fruitful dialogue, the following is posted on JACK's site:

I'm not a huge fan of comments sections, but I am hopeful that the readers of Integrity will use the feature with the spirit I have intended and won't turn Integrity into a graffiti wall. If that happens, of course, I reserve the right to kill the feature. And edit posts. (Although, I only plan to do that if the posts having nothing to do with the reflections or are offensive.)

I hope you all take good advantage of the opportunity to explore this aspect of Catholic community.


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