Monday, November 25, 2002

In Retrospect

I've been following the dialogue between Ono and Dylan re: Racism in America...

In all of this, one question teases me...

The original (1950's) civil rights movement was epitomized by Dr Martin Luther King. Like Gandhi's movement, it was based on a Christian mindset and it was effective in eliciting a Christian response. Well before King's death, Malcolm X became the voice of the civil rights movement. He changed the dialogue from one based on individual rights/obligations to one based on group identity. (This group identity paradigm became the model for subsequent 'rights' movements in America.) Today, watching the various dialogues between cultures, I wonder how much of this model has been fashioned by an "Islamic" paradigm.

It is also possible that the linkage exists in reverse as suggested by "How Marx Turned Muslim

Either way, I wonder if there is a greater commonality between an Islamic frame of reference and the paradigm of the American Left than meets the eye.


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