Friday, December 13, 2002

American Catholics seem to have sown the wind,
Perhaps it's appropriate that we reap the whirlwind.

For the first time in the course of this rebellion, I have been surprised by the response of the Church. Although, the Boston Globe claims (innocently enough) that this should not be seen as the first domino, the usual suspects seem to disagree.

I tremble for the Church in the United States. Of course, a part of my problem may be that observation has made me cynical. I don't believe that it was ever about the children, anymore than I believe the tea-pot tempest over Lott is about segregation. If it were about the children, we would be looking at secular institutions with as close and discriminating eye as we have turned on the Church

Without respect for Church Law or State Law, the end apparently is enough to justify any means
Reilly vows to uncover truth about sexual abuse
Reilly says he has evidence of coverup by archdiocese

This is how the story seems to be playing:
For both Vatican and Law, time had run out
Victims see only a first step
Changing leaders is only the start
Church sexual abuse crisis will continue despite Law's resignation

Church looks to future free of scandal...but not of rebellion

On one side of the aisle, we have:

Statement by the president of The Linkup
Heroes amidst the scandal
Lay group votes to seek cardinal's ouster
Broken Vows
Roman Catholic Faithless

And on the other side of the aisle, we have:

The Pilot calls for healing
848 refuse to join coup attempt

Or Perhaps Not
Reins of archdiocese handed to Brighton rector
Colleagues call new leader calm, consultative
Perhaps Grace will save us

As Pope John Paul II reminds us: "The world and history are not at the mercy of chance, chaos or blind necessity. They are governed by a mysterious God, who desires that humanity live in stability, through just and authentic relations."

The only unavoidable truth is that we are both the Body and Bride of Christ.


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