Thursday, July 17, 2003

I read a rather strange article today which links abortion and Wicca. It suggests that Wicca is a causative factor in the pseudo-feminist defense of abortion. Apparently, from an historical perspective, witches like to perform abortions and offer infant sacrifices to their goddess. They worship the devil and …. Well, read it for yourself.

I used to be a witch and the article doesn’t ring true. It seems far more likely to me that the article is putting the cart before the horse. I can imagine that Wicca might have a special appeal to women who have experienced abortion. Naturally, many of these women would have a vested interest in asserting the legitimacy of abortion . Seeing it as a morally neutral act or as an act of painful but heroic empowerment permits these women to maintain a positive self-image. It buffers them from any acknowledgement that they are culpable for grievous injury.

Although I imagine that the majority of Wiccans might be pro-abortion (or at least pro-choice), Wicca itself is silent on the issue. For many witches, their pro-life values conflict with their personal autonomy values. Both of the following articles are pro-life pagan attempts to deal with this conflict.
A Happy Balance
Schroedinger’s Fetus
Whether or not their logic is coherent, each article shows sincere effort to establish a consistent moral stance.
There is even a pro-life pagan web site with links to Project Rachel.

I think that the link between Wicca and abortion is worth exploring but only in the cause of greater understanding. To be honest, having made the journey myself, I think that Wicca is a viable path into the Church.

Although I haven’t yet mentioned it, I also think that the link between abortion and spiritual warfare is valid and often overlooked.


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