Thursday, September 04, 2003

I have to admit the idea of married ex-priests returning to the priesthood gives me the willies. The few ex-priests I personally know all left during the mass exodus shortly after the Vatican Council. They are the Peter Pans of Catholicism. Though they’ve grown old, they have never grown up. I suspect that they suffer from The Skimpole Syndrome:Childhood Unlimited. Re-admitting these men to service in the priesthood would only exacerbate the problem of dissent and indifferentism. I know that it isn’t fair to generalize but my mind still boggles at the possibility.

Priests for Celibacy

Eminent Domain vs Bells of St Mary

The Shame of the Irish

Some time in the future, I want to explore the problems I associate with Islam but, since I found this interesting, I thought I'd post it: 'Night Journey'


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