Monday, August 12, 2002

Now is a good time to be Catholic. It's a time when people are coming face to face with the teachings of the Church. This may be a difficult process for some but it is a good thing.

There are people in the parish wrestling with the reality that our Bishops, even though imperfect, are our Bishops.

There are others who hope that financial coercion will force the bishops to bow to their collective will.

There have even been some who would threaten the faithful for their loyalty to the Church: The immigrant communities who support the Cardinal need to understand that the money they receive for their support in coming to this country come from the richer members of the Church, including the victims. (from the Middle of the Storm)

Personally, I think that it might be be equally valuable if "the richer members of the Church, including the victims" were to remember that while 'The poor man receives nourishment from the rich, ... the rich man finds salvation through the prayers of the poor."

But that is neither here nor there--

What is here and now is the Mystery of the Church in all of her paradoxical beauty. The Church is being renewed right before our eyes and so very many of us are blind to it. The real Mystery of the Church is that She is the Beloved of Christ. We must trust that mutual spousal love... And we must be constant in our prayers

Oh and there is a refreshing new blog in the parish. Karl Kohlhase of My Daily Crumbs is releasing a Catholic/Christian music CD entitled Through the Dark. People can listen to it online or request a free copy (donations are appreciated but not required).


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