Thursday, July 24, 2003

An Aside:

Our capitalist economy, our socialist government Have the socialists won?
"New Deal reforms created a government that is now responsible for 45 percent of national spending." Weinstein cites various programs, noting accurately that the US is now "more than half socialist today" because "more than half of the total output of the country is being distributed in a way that is determined by the government."

Also of Note:

Lane Core asks: Is pedophilia of interest only when one can use it as a weapon against the Catholic Church
And from Paul Walfield over at EnterStageRight: Caring less for our children

Losing Civilization: The Marriage Stakes

Pryor's religion triggers debate
An earlier look at the anti-Catholic agenda:
Bill Pryor's Turn (Another Practicing Catholic Gets Fillibustered)

Justice in America (BSA)

For those who are interested:

Vatican Undersecretary approves the admittance of an openly homosexual man to seminary...Courtesy of Pro Deo et Patria


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