Friday, July 25, 2003

Odds And Ends:

Conservative world govt dreaming world dreams..

For those who have seen it, can Mel Gibson's Passion even come close to this?

Encouraging Vocations over at Summa Contra Mundum

From before the country changed:
“These are the things that stay God’s hand,”

View from the Core reports: Out of the Closet, Into the Catacombs

Your government at work:
Criminalization of Risk
Queering the Schools

Who benefits if kids are sexual? Let's see. Sexual predators – adults who now want to be known only as consensual partners. Planned Parenthood – an abortion business...
Let me add Tyranny by the State

Even the 'educators' are beginning to worry
I worry about the fact that they ask about more extreme and more detailed things. Questions about sex in itself are quite natural but there has been a change in the details children ask about and that is worrying

More on Alternative LifeStyles:
Gene Study Finds Cannibal Pattern

Amend the Marriage Amendment!
A cause worthy of inclusion in the Defense of Marriage Ammendment:"Parents have a fundamental right to raise, and direct the moral upbringing of, their children. The state shall not interfere with this right without a compelling state interest."

De-funding Terrorism: "Saddam's fall causes terrorist cash shortage; Downfall of dictator also results in power vacuum in Arafat's Fatah"

An interesting take on things:
The war against tobacco has done... far more harm to America than tobacco
As economist Ludwig von Mises cautioned, "Once the principle is admitted that it is the duty of government to protect the individual against his own foolishness, no serious objections can be advanced against further encroachments."

Is the Grey Lady on the Government Dole?

Interesting tidbits:

Africa has 2,089 languages (courtesy of NYT)

The Secret of the Burning Bush


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