Tuesday, September 09, 2003

From the front lines of the Culture of Death
"As the epidemic evolves," he says, "so does our perception, and the art that we make about it." For some reason, this line reminds me of the Bug Chasers. Is Bug Chasing simply another example of the reduction of life to posturing?
Body Parts:In general the donors "are done for anyway," said one doctor, speaking anonymously. "Maybe they could live another three or four days."... The surgeons just wanted to "speed up the process", he said.

Root Causes

On the Ecology Front:
The Climatic Effect of Fungi
Oil and wildlife 'can co-exist': In a rare tribute to the energy industry, scientists have praised one company's record in exploiting an African oilfield.

A Reminder from freedom's frontier:
Our World-Historical Gamble


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