Wednesday, August 14, 2002

From the comments section on August 13th -

Best yet is still neither the first nor the second sin. And although the second sin might indeed wise one up to the first sin, still there has to be a better way to come by that wisdom, a way that God prefers us to take and gives us the grace to take if we will have it.

The improving second sin if pushed too far reminds me of the Rasputin thesis. This infamous wandering holy man, I believe a "starets", used to preach that God loved above all to show mercy to the sinner; the more one was degraded by sin, the more mercy God could show. Since sexual sins could be very degrading, one could please God by committing plenty of them so that God could show forth his mercifulness. And Rasputin was reported to have practiced what he preached.
- Caroline

This is too good to risk the chance that people visiting might miss it.


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