Monday, December 30, 2002

Christians in this country just don't get it! They become three shades of indignant when the Separation of Church and State is abrogated to accommodate and promote Islam. They shouldn't be surprised. Secularists basically believe that arguments over religion are akin to a fight over who has the best imaginary friend. Unlike the Islamists, our secular leaders are not engaged in a religious war.

They simply want to maintain power by whatever means necessary.

Islam has proven itself as an aggressive and, in their eyes, unstoppable, historical force that leaves the Moslem people vulnerable to the most gross manipulations of the institutionally powerful. What does it matter to secularist power mongers if their subject all become converts to Islam? The only thing that matters to them is that the people remain subject. Islam may be a violent religion but it is not a dangerous one.

The only truly dangerous religion is Christianity. Christianity sets men FREE!


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