Monday, December 16, 2002

Where is Mainstream Media When It Comes to Investigating Child Sexual Abuse

The Contrarian posts comments on So-Called CoverUps In a separate post,he notes:Catholics are bound to obey and remain in communion with wicked bishops even if, for whatever reason, the bishop is not deposed from his see by superior authority. The only exceptions to this rule, that I am aware of, are (a) that a Catholic is not obliged to obey a manifestly sinful command by a minister and (b) a Catholic is not obliged to obey or remain in communion with a bishop that publicly teaches manifest heresy.

Christian comments by a Christian Minister courtesy of A Catholic Blog for Lovers:
When lawyers, the courts, and the media all seem complicit in the cycle of vengeance and blood and no closure short of decapitation seems acceptable, then we have reason to worry about the climate for justice, mercy, and charity, and Salem in 1692 seems not so far removed in moral climate from Boston in 2002.

Also A Statement by the Greek Orthodox Diocese of Boston on Cardinal Law's resignation


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