Saturday, January 04, 2003

Mexican Immigration

Sometimes I wonder whether America's nativist attitudes reflect an unacknowledged anti-Catholic bias. Mics, Spics, Wops, Wetbacks, Pollacks... These are the names we gave to our Catholic immigrants. Can anyone give me a similar listing for immigrants from Protestant countries?

Don't ask me to forget the past

"Give me your poor, your tired, and your hungry ...
... The exiles of your teeming shores ..."
Words carved deep in stone
And in the hearts back at home ...
... But not meant for the living anymore

The voices that haunt me are harsh now
Confuse me and urge me to leave
But I claim the promise of this country
I have the right to my own dream

I didn't see the Statue of Liberty
Never heard her welcoming words
I came through the back door silently
Unwanted ... unseen ... and unheard
excerpts from THE BACK DOOR -- Words and music by Cathie Ryan
performed by Cherish the Ladies


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