Tuesday, September 09, 2003

From Greg Popcock:

I had much more sober goals for the day, and those goals were achieved. For too long, the Bishops have associated themselves with the loud voices of dissent, not because they necessarily agree with those voices but more because, 1) they are loud (Bishops hate conflict) 2) they are influential (read: "Moneyed and politically connected) and 3) They threaten to tear the Church apart (Threats of schism get attention.)...

What this meeting accomplished was to say to the bishops that observant Catholics have an organized voice, that we are not afraid to use it, that we are not cranks, that we are university presidents, publishers, academics, business leaders, lay ministers, that we demand our say, and that we demand that our concerns be heard and responded to...

Bishops are terrified of conflict. So, if you want fidelity, you have to agitate for it. Alot...

They genuinely, honestly, don't have a clue how bad it is on the front lines of the culture of death. Now, that's a damn shame, but you know what? You know what that means, folks? It just means that we aren't yelling loudly enough. That's what.

So let me get this straight:

1.The bishops shouldn't associated themselves with the voices of dissent
2.We can dissent even louder.
3.Therefore, the bishops should associate themselves with us

Sounds like a pretty poor syllogism to me!


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